Boy Wonder.




This is the moment

I have been

Waiting for

When our bodies


And our hearts

Fill with fire

With actions

Fueled by

Pure lust

I look through your eyes

Into your soul

With each passing thrust.



Boy Wonder.


Saving the world

One load of pearls at a time.




The Way it is ain't the Way it Was.


I used to wake up every morning 

With my dick in my hand

Then I used to wake up every morning

With her in my arms

Now I wake up every morning

With that little piece of plastic.  

Temporary Lover.

Temporary Lover. 


Part of your rotation

Another day

Lost within the crowd

One of many


From one to another

To another and on to the next

You’ll soon again see my face

But then it will be like the others

Another face of a temporary lover.  





I am lost within her gaze

And I melt in her arms

Her call leaves me breathless

Her touch leaves me senseless


I am a dog at her feet

I am a slave to her needs

I lay with filthy beasts

Upon the shit and piss

I should have been smarter

But I deserve this.  





Biking these roads

Is suicide,

Damn near impossible without gears

So it should come as no surprise

I am here with my two wheels.  


The Boy and His Fox.

The Boy and His Fox.


The morning. 

Boy wakes, sunshine gleaming. 

In his arms lay a girl, his girl.

"My little fox," he whispers.  

His hands glide over her warmth, feeling every curve of her shape. 

He kisses her back and nibbles her skin. 

 She cooes, intertwining her body with his.  

Offering her neck, she beckons him to take a bite. 

He sinks his teeth, sending shivers down her spine. 

She wraps her arms around him and they embrace.

She turns to him.     

Staring into her big brown eyes, boy thinks,   

"This could be love."  


But, once again

Boy is thinking with his little head instead of his big head.




Kiss me under the water

Show me you truly care


Trust in these beautiful eyes

Trust in these unflinching lips


But first,

Lets take our final sips

Our devils brew

Our romantic evening for two


I know you love me

Your body says

Its true

Forget the world

Close your eyes

Kiss me under the water

And say

“I do.”







I am but a man

A man without a path

Lost within this sea of lights

I can never go back


They call me

The wanderer

Nothing but a mere


Musings of a hard life and

Love lost

Seeking answers and


All at

The ultimate cost.







I am

Walking Breathing


Forever feeding

My addiction.



Switzer Falls

Switzer Falls

I pick Her up in West Hollywood and

We drive an hour and a half toward Pasadena

Switzer Falls, Angeles National Forest

We Hike

We climb

Conversation is sparse

We sit atop a dry waterfall

We hike down to the bottom of

That very same Waterfall

We hike back

Conversation is sparse

I driver back to West Hollywood and

Drop her off at her apartment

Say Goodbye

Haven't spoken since.





Scammed, I tell you

There I was

Minding my own


Watching internet


When mere moments

Before the

Pop-shot The

Video cut to a

Title card reading,

"Visit for Full Video"


I blew my load to

An advertisement

Fuck me.




Original thought

Just urges to

Violate Thots

There I go again

A moment of respite

Becomes a

Quest for Carnal Pleasures

The Original Sin.











 I am

Embittered by

My failures

Bewildered by

My circumstance

I know

I can move forward

I know

I can be greater

I am


I am

Better than

This dollar store whore. 



 I do not wish to speak with anyone

The way I do with you

I do not wish to share myself

With anyone else

This much I know to be true. 



 I desire a hole

In which to dump

My seed

I want your hungry mouth

To beg

Eyes tearing

Makeup smeared

I want to hear you




With all of these mirrors

I think I have friends

With all of these mirrors

At least I can pretend

White walls and

Blank spaces

Dirty knees and

Warped faces

Dreams and

Greater aspirations

All I have left now



Such perplexion

Such a bind

Jerk Myself

Until I am



I can no longer


No more 

Mirrors nor


I am finally





Burgundy fluid

Spilling out of the glass

Glistening red velvet

My body warms

With a single pass

Expand my mind

Open my heart

Lovers at last

'Til death do us. 




 I love the calm

Moments of silence

Between the

Crashing waves.



Canney's Cove

Canney’s Cove

Sun in the air

Sand in my hair

I love the beach

When I am there

Comfortable silence

No words to share

I love the beach

When I am there

Climbing cliffs

And rolling rock

Crashing waves

Nature’s clock

I can peacefully lay

In the sand

Without a care

I love the beach

When I am there.



White Pleather

 White Pleather

Porno Staple

Disguises cum and spit

Highlights dirt and shit

Beneath candescent light

Skin and fabric

Melt together

Dripping sweat upon

White Pleather




 I close my eyes

You’re all I see

My Little Fox

The better half of me.

Blowjob Days.

Blowjob Days.

Boy shows up.

Boy fills out paperwork.

Boy takes a piss.

Boy strokes his cock while he watches girl take stills.

Boy gets naked and continues jerking off as girl begins strip tease.

Girl crawls over to boy.

Girl sucks boy’s cock.

Boy stands up and throat fucks girl.

Girl jerks off boy.

Boy shoots cum all over girl’s face.

Director yells “wow!”

Director cuts.

Boy gets baby wipes for girl.

Boy gets baby wipes for himself.

Boy kisses girl on her forehead.

Boy gets dressed.

Boy tells girl, “You're awesome.”

Boy gets $200 check.

Boy says goodbye.

Boy hugs girl.

Boy drives home.

Boy jerks off.


Boy ponders,

There is something to be

Said about a

Young girl looking him in the eyes as

Tears drip out of hers and

Onto his throbbing cock.