Switzer Falls

Switzer Falls

I pick Her up in West Hollywood and

We drive an hour and a half toward Pasadena

Switzer Falls, Angeles National Forest

We Hike

We climb

Conversation is sparse

We sit atop a dry waterfall

We hike down to the bottom of

That very same Waterfall

We hike back

Conversation is sparse

I driver back to West Hollywood and

Drop her off at her apartment

Say Goodbye

Haven't spoken since.





Scammed, I tell you

There I was

Minding my own


Watching internet


When mere moments

Before the

Pop-shot The

Video cut to a

Title card reading,

"Visit Fuckspace.com for Full Video"


I blew my load to

An advertisement

Fuck me.




Original thought

Just urges to

Violate Thots

There I go again

A moment of respite

Becomes a

Quest for Carnal Pleasures

The Original Sin.