The Double Header.

The Double Header.

Monroe and I have never officially “worked” together but we’ve passed by one another in the hallways, so to speak, and we have shared short dialogue on set, so one could say we are acquaintances. I think she is beyond sexy; Her tight little body is alluring and her teeny-bopper bubblegum demeanour drives me absolutely crazy.  I have been dying to fuck her ever since the first day we met…and she knows this fact all too well. 

Monroe asks if I would like to be her stunt cock for an amateur POV boy/girl scene she has been contracted to shoot for a private client and like the eager little scat monkey that I am I jump at the opportunity.  The weekend approaches and she asks me to come to her apartment on Saturday so we may shoot our content. 

This weekend just happens to be the weekend of July 4th, so naturally we both celebrate by getting shit-faced respectively.  I attend a banging house party in Westwood complete with a large swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and a slip-n-slide, which, is only utilized by my band of flying monkeys and myself.  Typical.

At this party I notice many of the other attendees are shooting videos and taking photos as my friends and I make the pool and the slip-n-slide our bitch.  In these moments I realize my jolly band of pirates and I are not the types to live on the wall or hide behind our designer clothes to protect our “image” when surrounded by strangers.  No, we express ourselves, assert our dominance, and reign over the meek.  We relish the challenge and we live for experience.  We are transparent.  We live by the motto, if we ain’t writing something worth reading we better be doing something worth writing.  That was Friday night.

Come Saturday morning Monroe texts me and tells me, “When my hangover is gone you can come over.”  No big deal, I guess.  So, I wait.  Hours pass and I text Monroe to see what time it’s looking like but to no avail, she doesn’t respond.  Whatever. 

It’s soon 5pm and I decide there is no sense in waiting on her anymore so I make other plans.  I text my friend Becky Bolt and see what she is up to tonight.  Becky is of perfect stature, she has dirty blonde hair and her skin is caramel in color.  She has a tongue ring.  Like myself she is a twenty-something transplant to Los Angeles.  She is originally from North Carolina and like most southern belles she has a tremendous sexual appetite and enjoys playing a subservient slut

Becky and I previously met on a “Mile Long” set where we had ourselves a rather enjoyable afternoon fucking on camera under the hot California sun, and then a few short nights later we rendezvous at a house party and share a beautiful moment where we pass a cigar and Hemmingway a bottle of wine as we flirt and commiserate and gaze toward the bright lights of the night sky. 

Becky responds to my text and She begins telling me how much pent up aggression she currently possesses and how badly she needs to have the brat dominated out of her.  I tell her I can be of service and we make plans to spend the evening with one-another. 

7pm and I am eating dinner with my gang at our local Lemonade.  I am eating a side of Orecchiette with mozzarella and grape tomatoes, a side of Israeli Couscous, a side of white truffle Mac-N-Cheese, and to drink I have a watermelon and rosemary lemonade.  Pretty standard LA fare.

7:15pm and I receive a text from Monroe, which reads, “How’s 8 looking?”  Ah, I get it; I really was supposed to be waiting around all day for this chick, as if I don’t have anything better to do.  Actually, I don’t.  I have been drooling over this girl for months, and I spent the better half of today edging myself to guarantee a volcanic eruption of cum in which for her to later bathe.

That being said, I have just now made new arrangements with Becky.  My options here are binary, either I choose to spend time with one lucky lady and ultimately ditch the unfortunate loser, or attempt one of the greatest dating feats known to mankind: The Double Header

The plan is simple.  I am going to finish my meal, drive into the valley, dick and dash Monroe, drive into North-Hollywood, pick up Becky, bring her to my house, and violate her in the confines of my bedroom... 

* * *

I drive all the way into Woodland Hills where I meet Monroe at her apartment.  We exchange pleasantries and I play with her dogs for a moment.  I excuse myself and take a piss. I notice she has an unusually large collection of rubber duckies placed around the perimeter of her bathtub.  Strange fetish, I suppose. Upon my return she offers me a bottle of water and invites me upstairs to her bedroom. 

I ask her how exactly she would like to shoot this content and she slips off her sweatpants, picks up her I-Phone and tells me her client wants the video to start with her getting her ass eating out while being pressed up against the wall, so she assumes the position and I drop to my knees and worship her like a hungry dog.

I then stand up, put her onto her knees, unsheathe my sword and she slobbers all over my cock, passing the camera off to me to shoot the blowjob from my perspective.

I then press her back up against the wall and fuck her doggy-style.  After my cock is drenched she drops down to her knees and politely cleans off her pussy juices. 

I then throw her onto her back and pound her on the floor in missionary, passing the camera back and forth in the process. 

After a couple short minutes she crawls away and up to her bed where I join her and gag her with my cock once more before turning her around and maneuvering her ass to the edge of the bed, lowering her pussy and matching it to the height of my pulsating cock.  We fuck again in doggy-style and then I climb onto the bed, put Monroe onto her side, match our bodies together, and fuck her in spoon before she begs me to pull out and spray a load all over her stomach and tits, which she receives in spades due in part to my afternoon regimen. 

She cuts the camera.  We clean up and talk for a minute.  She tells me she is from Detroit and has been living in LA and working in porn for four years.   She promises to treat me to dinner sometime for taking the time out of my busy schedule to come over and fuck her.  We exchange goodbyes and she shows me the door…

 * * *

I jump in my car and race into No-Ho to pick up Becky who has been killing time drinking in a local bar neighboring her apartment complex.  I arrive outside “The Federal,” call Becky, and have her meet me in the adjacent alleyway.  She emerges and while walking towards me I take note of how especially sexy she looks tonight.  She is wearing diamond-studded high-heels, a shimmering and skintight pair of black elastic hot pants, and a black lace crop-top.  We drive back to my house and as per usual Becky does most of the talking.  She is a girl who really loves hearing the sound of her own voice.

We arrive at my apartment and quickly relegate ourselves to my bedroom where we sit on my patio and I watch her smoke a cigarette.  I feign interest as she incessantly babbles about the woes of being her.  We return back to my bedroom and lie on my bed as she continues on about how much she hates it when guys have wood troubles on set and how much she dislikes performing anal sex and how much food she hasn’t eaten all week and how confused she is by her ex-boyfriend and how one minute they are in love and the next they hate each others guts.  This sounds all too familiar and I don’t want to hear it anymore. 

I remember why she is here.  She came to get this annoying attitude of hers fucked right out of her bratty little holes.  I tell her these conversations are irritating me and I want her to stop.  Immediately after, I roll her onto her stomach; straddle her back, and being caressing her from behind, tugging at her hair and cupping her throat.  I slap her on the back between her shoulder blades and she lets out a sigh of relief.  She finds comfort in the pain.  In the pain all of her worries disappear and she forgets the pretty troubles of life.  In the pain she feels alive

I wrap my hand around her throat and begin choking her as I bend her back toward me ultimately resting her forehead on my lips so I may stare into her eyes as I squeeze the life out of her.  I let go of her throat and before she can catch her breath I slap her across the face – shocking her senses.  She gasps and pants and I grab the lot of her hair and pull her face back towards me, this time matching her lips to mine and we kiss and suck face and slobber all over one another like sick and rabid animals. 

I then drag her to the floor and make her kneel in front of my full-length closet mirror.  I pull out my cock and grip her hair – keeping her hungry mouth out of reach from my visibly throbbing cock.  I jerk it a few times before I thrust it into her open mouth and face fuck her as I force her to watch her slutty actions in the reflection. 

I bend her over my bed and fuck her sopping pussy doggy-style as I stick both of my hands inside her mouth and fishhook her, pulling all of her weight onto my fuck sword. 

I lie on the floor and she rides me in cowgirl.  Then we move back to the bed and continue fucking while transitioning through a plethora of different missionary positions. 

Nearing critical mass I drag her back to the mirror and jerk myself to a colossal load which I spew all over it.  I keep her head just out of reach until I am completely drained, then I smear her face all over the dripping spunk and force her to lick the glass clean. 

Afterward, we recollect and go downstairs to smoke a bowl and watch Minority Report.  Later, we return upstairs and sleep  peacefully in the arms of one another. 

 * * *

Tonight I had a goal.  I set out to achieve it and I emerged victorious. I drove directly from one apartment to the other.  I didn’t change my clothes, I didn’t brush my teeth, I didn’t shower, and I didn’t even mouthwash.  On this night I pulled a beautiful double-header and am now officially a gross piece of shit.