Banana Milkshakes.

Banana Milkshakes

I shoot a scene for the company No Acceptance.  I am paired with newcomer, Kimberly Taylor.  Kimberly is a cute little bubblegum blonde who apparently holds degrees in both business management and physical therapy. She fucks like a champ. I would assert we had ourselves a very satisfying afternoon.  Shortly Thereafter Kimberly and I begin hooking up privately. 

Besides her bubbly personality Kimberly also comes complete with obedient, subservient tendencies due to her being, “raised by a man,” as she boasts. The only thing that sets her apart from a teeny-bopping daddy’s-girl is her vast array of tattoos. She has an entire sleeve up her right arm, which connects to a leopard tattoo at her collarbone and then continues down her breast and her ribcage, turning into flowers as it reaches her pelvis. She says she accomplished this feat in only two sittings at 8-10 hours per.  That’s a lot of pain to experience all at once. She must have a high tolerance.

During sex I slap her face, as I tend to do with most girls I fuck privately. Naturally she loves it. We finish in spoon and I pull out to shoot cum all over her abdomen and her tits, to which she replies something in the vain of, you should have let me finish you in my mouth. God, I love that attitude.  She also tells me that was her first time being slapped during sex; I kind of find that hard to believe.

Kimberly recounts a funny story regarding a scene she shot earlier in the week.  She participated in a double blowjob with her good friend and fellow porno starlet, Cali Cumz.  Apparently the scene focused on puke, so Kimberly and Cali both chug big banana milkshakes moments before the scene begins. Then they force one another to puke said banana milkshakes all over the guy’s dick and then they slurp it up and spit it into each other’s mouths like absolute gutter trash.

This girl definitely has some darkness in her.  She is not nearly as innocent as she appears…