Babysitter Chronicles.

Babysitter Chronicles.

The scene begins with Logan welcoming the new babysitter, Haley, into his home.  He leads her into the living room to meet his wife, Krystal.  Krystal walks Haley through all of the basic baby-sitter requirements and the emergency contact list before her and Logan leave the house for their romantic evening dinner.

Time passes at the Pierce residence.  Haley puts the kids to sleep and retires to the living room couch where she finishes her homework for school.  Suddenly, the home phone rings. The caller I.D reads, unknown.  Haley answers anyway. 

“Hi, Pierce residence, this is Haley speaking.”

“Haley…are you the babysitter?”

“Yes I am.”

“Are you a…naughty babysitter?”

“Am I a what!?”

“You heard me.  Are you a bad girl?”

“Well, I—“

“Tell me what you’re wearing right now.”

“I don’t know about this.”

“What’s wrong, are you scared?”

“I’m not scared!  I’m just not supposed to talk to strangers.”

“It’s fine.  You can trust me.”

“Well, if you say so, Mister.  I’m wearing black Mary-Jane’s with white knee-high socks, a plaid skirt, and the polo uniform for my school.”

“Go on.”

“Well, what else do you wanna know?”

“What color are your panties?”

“Ha-Ha.  You’re silly.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I’m not wearing any panties, Mister.”

“So, you are a naughty babysitter, after all, aren’t you?”    


“I like that.”

“He-He.  I had a feeling you would.  You’re a pervert, aren’t you?”


“I like that.  Well, Mister pervert, what would you like me to do?”

“How about you play with yourself for me?”

Rather than hang up the phone and call the police in fear for her life, Haley obliges the pervert and satisfies his depravity by stripping off her clothes and rubbing her clit while moaning into the phone receiver. 

Suddenly, Krystal appears in the living room, lurking behind Haley.

“What do you think you’re, doing, little lady?”

“Oh my god!”

“You’re naked.”

“I can—“

“And you’re playing with yourself.”

“But I—“

“You are a dirty, dirty, girl.”

“I’m so sorry!”

“…I like it.”


“You heard me.  Keep going.”

“You want me to—“

“I want you to rub your little pussy and continue moaning into the phone.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good girl.”

Haley continues playing while Krystal looks on in admiration, stripping off her clothes in the meantime.  Soon, she joins in the fun herself, groping Haley, fingering her, and eating her pussy, all the while commanding Haley to remain on the phone and narrate all the unfolding action to the voice on the other line. 

The voice says, “Tell me exactly what she’s doing to you.”

“She has two fingers inside of me and she’s pushing them in and out.”

The pervert’s voice appears within the confines of the living room, reverberating off the walls when he says, “I want you to taste them.”    

Startled, Haley turns around to see Logan holding his phone up to his ear.

“Mr. Pierce! It was you?”

Logan tosses his phone aside.  “That’s right.  Now it’s time to play.”

Logan loosens his tie as he approaches the girls.  He joins them on the couch and the two women begin worshipping his cock.  Krystal teaches the timid Haley the finer points of giving a proper blowjob. Krystal then leads by example and climbs atop Logan, riding his cock in reverse cowgirl as Haley watches and studies while rubbing her own pussy. Krystal wants Haley to learn first hand, so she instructs Haley to take her place and sit upon Logan’s throbbing meat stick. Haley obliges, and like a good little slut, she makes sure to rest her feet atop Logan’s thighs while she rides him. Krystal instructs Haley to clean her pussy juices off of Logan’s cock, and she does so while Logan and Krystal make out, commenting on how quickly Haley is learning. Logan stands and forces Krystal to kneel on the couch so he can fuck her doggy-style while she licks Haley’s pussy. Logan gropes and slaps Krystal’s supple ass, and then he puts his foot on top of Krystal’s head,  pressing her face deeper into Haley’s teenage snatch. The women swap places and Logan begins fucking Haley from behind.  Krystal returns on top of Logan and rides him in regular cowgirl while Haley sits on Logan’s face. Haley then rides Logan’s cock once more in reverse cowgirl before he finally puts both women on their knees and shoots a volcanic load of creamy pearls all over both of their pretty faces. The women then swap his cum back and forth before Krystal finally commands Haley to, “Swallow it all.”

Krystal stands and both her and Logan smile at one another in contentment.

Krystal says to Haley, “You were such a great little babysitter.”  She turns her attention to her husband and says, “Wouldn’t you agree, honey?”

“Without question; probably the best one we’ve had so far.”  He looks at Haley and says, “Now, lets get you paid.”   

Cut. Print.