Unexpected Side Effects

Unexpected Side Effects

I was lying on the living floor of the shoot house, reading Matty Lee’s 35 Cents.  

My scene partner was sitting across from me in the makeup chair.  Her name was Linda Lust.  Linda was nineteen years old.  She stood at 5-foot-2 and weighed ninety pounds.  Her skin was ivory toned and smooth as milk.  Her face was adorned with freckles.  Her emerald eyes were piercing against her pale skin and her wavy auburn hair. Linda was absolutely delectable.  

The two of us began a dialogue.

“I’m a very passionate performer,”  she boasted.

“Oh yeah?  Thats great, that’s exactly what today is all about: passion,” I said.

“I love kissing and being held tightly,”  She said.

“Two of my favorite things.  I also love staring into the eyes of my partner,” I said.

Linda cooed, “Oh, I’m so excited for today!”

“Me too,”  I said.  Then I returned to my reading.

*    *    *

As I lounged on the king sized master bed, my mistress seductively danced in front of the grand window while gazing out toward the Los Angeles skyline.  Linda was dressed in lacy black lingerie.  She turned to face me, and while slowly swaying her hips, she playfully removed her bra and tossed it at me.  Linda crawled up the foot of the bed, outstretching her arms and grazing her hands upon my legs and then up to my thighs, nearing my loins.  Linda noticed my manhood as it visibly throbbed from beneath my boxer-briefs.  She used her tongue to tease it through the cotton fabric.  She removed my underwear and passionately worshipped my meat.  She stared longingly up toward me as she swirled her tongue around my cock and licked it from the base to the head.  

Linda crawled further up the bed and the two of us shared a deep and sloppy kiss while I wrapped one hand around her throat and with the other, I gripped the back of her hair.  I pulled her further up the bed, and Linda removed her lace panties.  She maneuvered my meat inside of her wet pussy.  Passionately, we fucked in a cowgirl position while I grabbed Linda’s hips, ran my hands up and down her back, spread her asscheeks apart, and groped her perfect teenage tits.  

We continued like this for ten minutes.  Then the director yelled, “cut!” so the crew could readjust the lighting for our next position.    

During this interim, Linda stepped out into the hallway.  Moments later, she called me to come join her.  

“I want to show you something,”  she said.”

“Sure, baby,”  I said.

Linda Lifted her right leg and placed it onto the top railing overlooking the staircase.  She bent over and spread her pussy.  She asked, “Does this look weird?”

I inspected her and deduced that her pussy has become inflamed.  “Um...it looks...swollen,”  I said with reluctance.

“How bad is it?”  She asked. “It started burning a couple minutes ago.”

“Yeah, it looks like you were using a pussy-pump or something,”  I said.

“What?  Oh, god.  It hurts, I don’t know what to do,”  She whined.

“It’s definitely swollen,”  I said.  “You should talk to the director.”

Linda went back into the bedroom and took the director aside.  She confided in him.  

I can’t imagine what could’ve caused her pussy to literally swell shut.  She must’ve had an allergic reaction to something.  Maybe it was an unexpected side effect of the detergent the crew used for the bed sheets, or maybe it was the remnants of her makeup left on my dick, or maybe it was me.  Maybe she was allergic to my body wash, or my laundry detergent, or maybe she was just plain allergic to my cock.  

In either case, the director decided to break for a half hour to let Linda’s body rest.  In the meantime, she ingested four tablets of Benadryl, two Ibuprofen pills, and smoked a bowl of weed in an attempt to rapidly reduce the swelling. Thirty minutes passed and her hole was tighter than a closed lens aperture.  Linda decided to take a bath and then ice her pussy as a last ditch effort.  

Two hours later, Linda determined she was too sore to continue.  “I can’t even fit two fingers inside,”  she said.  “There is no way I can have anymore sex today.”

We contemplated.  The director had solution.  “We’ll just finish the scene with a blowjob,”  he said.  Fine by me.  

Unfortunately, by this point, Linda’s overdose of pharmaceuticals had begun to manifest itself.  The coursing drugs left Linda aloof with about as much enthusiasm as a walking corpse.  

Even though it was a blowjob, I had to do most of the work.  I guess you could say, in this instance, I acted as a power-bottom; thrusting my hips toward Linda’s agape mouth while holding her by the hair to keep her head upright so she wouldn’t pass out.  Finally, I jerked myself off onto her face and tits.  

The director yelled, “Cut!”  

Linda immediately fell asleep on the bed.  The crew and I cleaned up and then left Linda alone as the medicine worked its way out of her body.

And that, as they say, was a wrap.