The Visit.

The Visit.


As promised, Logan flies Allie out to LA to celebrate Spring Break.  They spend afternoons in Venice and on the shores of Zuma Beach, they see a movie at the Landmark, have dinner at Umami, drink at The Den and The Surly Goat.  They carry on like kids in love.

Logan is invited as a special guest for a radio show called “Probing the Industry.”  The show is hosted by a flamboyant ex-performer named Roy Genoa, and staying true to his name, Roy looks as if he ate a few too many salami sandwiches.  Nowadays, Roy mainly works as the porno equivalent to a character actor—non-sex rolls--as the industry refers to them. 

Roy is proud, always raving about his show, his frequency of broadcasts, and his “millions” of viewers.  Logan figures his appearance on the show will be good press, and a great way to introduce his civilian girlfriend to the industry. 

The day of the show, Roy calls Logan.  

Through labored breaths he says, “Hey Pierce, I wanted to make sure you were bringing tail tomorrow night.”

“You want me to bring girls?”  

“Oh yeah, bring some of the new girls.”

“Well, I mean, my girlfriend is in town. I was going to bring her.”  

“Tell her to bring her friends, but only if they’re hot.”

“…It is a radio show, right?”  

“Oh yeah, but no one wants to hear a guy talk.  Bring a couple girls.  I like to have fun in the booth.”

“Right.  I’ll see what I can do, Roy.”

“Be there by 7:00.”  

“See you then.”  

That night Logan and Allie drive to the studio.  In the car, Logan prepares her for what she might expect. 

“Just be warned that people in this business tend to be a bit more, uh, hands on.”

“Hands on? Like groping and stuff?”

“No, no, not like that, just like a bit more friendly.  For example, Roy may hug you a little too long or compliment you on your body or say weird, kind of creepy things, but I promise it’s all in good fun.”


“I’m just saying I have yet to meet anyone who is a complete jerk.  Everyone is just kind of chill and super comfortable with their bodies and stuff. Just roll with whatever happens.”

“Yeah, sure.”       

They arrive at 6:45.  They take an elevator from the parking garage up to the studio.  When they enter, Roy is already in the booth, on the air, and has a naked girl sitting on his lap.  Across from him sits another girl with her tits out, attempting to fit a soda can into her mouth.  

Logan signals Roy through the glass window, but he waves him away.  Logan can’t understand why, so he signals him again.  This time Roy puts up his index finger as if to say, “Wait a minute.”

So they do.  Allie and Logan sit outside the booth for fifteen minutes before Roy opens the door to let them in.

“Oh, boy, another plaything.” Roy says to Allie, returning to his seat.  He pats his knee, and says,  “Come sit on daddy’s lap.” 

Allie throws Logan a look of confusion.  He shrugs his shoulders and raises his hands as if to say, “Don’t worry, its cool.”   

She reluctantly sits on Roy’s knee and Logan notices him resting his hands on her hips, squeezing her abdomen.  

Logan sits across the table in between the two naked girls who are now wearing silk robes.

Roy says, “Ladies, say hello to Logan.  He’s the new stud on the block.”  

The one to Logan’s left, a dark skinned girl with pink hair and a septum piercing, drapes her right leg over his left knee, exposing her pussy to Roy and Allie.  

“Hi new stud,” she says.

The girl to Logan’s right, a middle-aged blonde with fading tattoos and cesarean scars, grazes his shoulder with her long acrylic nails.  

“Cougar snack.”  She purrs.

“Hi ladies.” Logan says, casual.      

“Okay, so this is how it’ll work.”  Roy says.  “We are back in a minute and when we go on the air I’m going to talk for a bit and finish chatting with the girls.  Then I’ll introduce you and ask you a couple questions.  That’s it.”

“That’s it?” Asks Logan.  


“But, I thought--”

“Hush, hush, we’re back in 5...4...3…2” He pushes a button, the on-air sign beams red, and they are live.  

Logan puts on his headphones and listens in.

Roy lowers his voice to bedroom volume and says, “Hello, Hello, and welcome back all of you fellow perverts and pervettes.  This is the human foot long himself, Dr. Genoa, here with my analysis.  Speaking of anal, I am once again joined by my two beautiful co-stars, Tammy Cumz and Jade Jackson.  Ladies, please say something for your adoring audience.”

“Oh, god, I’m so wet,” says the punk princess.

“I’m ready for sucky-fucky,” says the M.I.L.F.  

“Also in the studio with us here today,” Roy continues, “is an alluring new starlet who’s name I have yet to receive.”  He looks at Allie and asks, “My little teeny-bopper, what is your name?”  

In a soft, unassuming tone, Allie says, “Um…well,”

Roy interjects, “Lean a little bit closer into the microphone dear.”

She leans her head down toward Roy’s microphone.

“That’s a good girl,” Roy encourages, placing a hand on the back of Allie’s head, her body tensing at his touch.  “Now, open nice and wide.  Don’t be afraid.” 

Allie continues, “Um, well, I’m not actually a performer.”

“Oh no?” Asks Roy.  He starts humping the air.  “Maybe we ought to break you in right now, eh?  What do you say, Darling?  You wanna play with Daddy?” 

The girls cackle and cheer.  Allie’s skin pales and she is speechless.  She stares at Logan with contempt.  

Roy continues, “Also here with us is new male talent, Logan Pierce.  Logan, tell the audience, did you ever harbor any naughty feelings for a family member?”  

“What!?”  Logan shrieks, taken aback.

“Maybe diddle your little sister?”  Roy asks, “The topic of the night is incest.”  

Tammy adds, “Yeah, I had a crush on my cousin and gave him a hand job when I was a kid.”  

“…Right” Logan says.  “ answer your question, Roy, no I didn’t.”  

Roy pushes a button and a buzzer goes off.  “Boo! Boring!”  He yells.  He reaches under the table and pulls out a bottle of vodka.   “You know what that means, everybody.” 

The girls cheer, “Shots! Shots! Shots!”  

Roy takes a swig of the bottle and hands it to Allie, who refuses to drink and hands it to Logan.  He can’t stand the taste of liquor, especially vodka, but he wants to be a team player.  He takes a swig and fights to swallow it.  He gags and his eyes water.  

Logan hands the bottle to Jade who says, “Awe, poor baby.”  She takes a swig and hands it to Tammy cheering, “Hot damn, baby girl!”  

Tammy holds the bottle and takes an extended gulp, theatrically spilling vodka on her face and down onto her chest.  “Whoopsie,” she says, licking her lips.  She hands the bottle back to Roy.

“Okay,” he says, “Be sure to join us tomorrow night as we probe deeper and deeper and deeper into the industry.  Goodnight, everyone.”  

He pushes another button and the on-air sign goes out.  They are off the air and the show is over.

“Wow, that was great.”  Roy says.  “Fantastic show, everybody.”  He shakes his knee, pushing Allie away.  “You can get off me now, sweetheart.” 

Roy walks over to Logan and sticks out his hand.  “Come back anytime, kid.”  

They shake.  “Uh, yeah, sure, thanks for having me,” Logan says.  

Roy shifts his attention to the girls, who have resumed drinking from the vodka bottle.  “So, my little troublemakers,” He says.  “Where shall we eat?  Daddy’s starving.”


Allie and Logan leave the studio and take the elevator down to the parking garage.  The tension is palpable.  In the car, Logan breaks the silence. 

“Look, uh…I’m sorry if that was uncomfortable.”

“I don’t want to talk about it. 

“Hey, it was weird for me too, okay?  Seriously, Fuck that guy.”

“Can we just go home, please?”

“Yes.  I mean it, though, I’m really sorry.” 

Later, in bed, they fall asleep in each other’s arms, estranged but together.  In the middle of the night they both wake, sleepy eyed and longing for affection.  They kiss, they grope, and they tear each other’s clothes off. 

Logan eagerly goes down on Allie, pinning her legs in the air, opening up the action like he would for the camera, performing his duty, his job. 

Just another day at the office.

Suddenly, he hears whimpering and looks up to see Allie fighting back tears.  The moment is lost. Allie closes her legs and turns away, embarrassed. 

Logan holds her, unsure of what else to do.   

As she cries in his arms she confesses, “I can’t get the thought of that creep out of my mind.  He was disgusting.  Is that really what you want to become?” 

“Baby, that’s nothing like me.”

“His fat fucking hands on my body.  I could feel his hot gross breath in my ear.”

“I promise I will never become like that.”

“It doesn’t even matter, those are the people you work with, that’s the company you’re in.”

“I don’t know what to-“ 

“This is wrong, okay?  I don’t…feel right.  I feel used, like you’re doing to me exactly what you would do to those random girls tonight.  Like there’s nothing special about our sex anymore.” 

Logan doesn’t have anything to say to convince her otherwise.

He should have expected this day would come sooner or later.  “It’s not cheating, its work.” Total bullshit.  Just a fabrication repeated in his mind for a false sense of security.  Of course it’s cheating, he’s having sex with other people for money.  A relationship like that can’t survive; that’s no way to treat someone he claims to love.  If he loved her he would climb out of the hole before he sinks too deep.  Then again if he cared at all he wouldn’t have exposed her in the first place, but he did anyway.  He broke what they had, and now he would have to let her go.