A Taste of Your Own Medicine.

The door closed and she pushed me to the bed, straddling my waist, grinding her hips, and pressing her panties against my crotch.  She pulled my shirt up over my face and pinned my arms to the bed. 

"Don't fucking move," she warned.   

Softly, she kissed my lips, grazing her fingernails across my stubbled cheek.  She moved below to my chest and kissed my nipples and my abs, working lower toward my loins.  She traced her fingers along the outline of my visibly growing cock before giving it a healthy squeeze within my jeans.  She undid my belt, my button, and my zipper, taking it out and tracing it with her index finger, causing it to bounce involuntarily with jolts of desire. 

She removed my shirt from my face and stuck her thigh-high fishnet clad foot in my mouth. 

“Clean it," she said. 

I obeyed, licking and worshipping as she thrust it in the back of my throat. 

She climbed on top.  I reached my arms toward her, but she pushed them away.

“I told you not to fucking move,” she said. 

She gripped my shaft, teasing the head on the surface of her warm slit, letting it glide in slowly, making sure we both feel every inch of its entry.  Her body tensed, spasmed, and she moaned without inhibition. 

That’s when I took control, hauling her out of the bed and pressing her face against the glass of the hotel room window overlooking the dazzling lights of the Vegas strip, fucking doggy style, her staring at the world forty-stories below.

“I want you to drain yourself for me,” she said, falling to her knees, her mouth agape and eager for a payload of beautiful luminescence, which coated her throat, glistened on her tongue, and swayed suspended from her teeth. 

Then, with a determined look, she pointed to the floor as if to say, get on your fucking knees and open wide, bitch.   I complied, and she leaned over me, pried my lips apart, and dropped the entirety of the pearls into my mouth. 

“Now swallow it,” she demanded. 

I did as instructed.  

“Good boy,” she cooed, cupping my chin, smiling in contentment. 

And then, as a final fuck you, she slapped my face and retired to the bed, leaving me alone on the floor, licking my lips and staring out toward the horizon, reveling in the ecstasy of my orgasm.